Ok, I’m in my 3rd year of a PhD in education, expected to finish in or around September 2012. I’ve collected data, transcribed interviews, started writing a findings draft chapter….

End of February 2012 I found out I am pregnant, the tests were “extremely” positive, the three tests to be more precise!

Beginning of March we went in for my first scan and… ta dahhh! Not only I am pregnant but I am expecting twins, fraternal twins (the “good kind of twins”, or so I’ve been told).

The following weeks were overwhelming, sickness, calling it morning sickness is a joke: whole day sickness would definitely be more accurate! Lying down for most of the day and still feeling like I’m crossing from the UK to Spain on a ferry

PhD vs. sickness = sickness  won, every single time!!!

One piece of advice (or maybe Note to self): When it all seems too much, when you feel overwhelmed and even just looking at a “What skills do PhD/ researchers need to develop” makes you feel you don’t have any strengths and only weaknesses – give it a rest. Stop, don’t force yourself to sit in front of the computer or think about the PhD!


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