About Me

headshot-oeiras-ines.alves3225Mapping Time

1982:  Born in Lisbon, Portugal; raised in Parede

2000-2004: Completed my first degree (Licenciatura) ‘Professor de Ensino Básico, Variante Português/ Francês’ (Primary school teacher + Lower secondary Portuguese and French teacher) at Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa

2004-2005: Moved to London and completed a Master’s Degree in Language, Ethnicity and Education at King’s College London

2005-2006: Started my MA in Special Education (Inclusion and Disability Studies) at The Institute of Education, University of London, UK but was called to teach in Portugal (March-September 2006)

2006-2007: Worked as a Learning Support Assistant in a Primary school in High Wycombe as I was writing my Master’s Dissertation

2007-2009: Moved to Bosisio Parini, Italy to work as Marie Curie Fellow on the MURINET Project, hosted by the Italian National Council on Disability

2009: Moved back to the UK to start my PhD in Education with Professor Alan Dyson and Dr. Susie Miles at The University of Manchester

2012-2013: Moved to Nottingham and interrupted my PhD during 12 months to ‘be a mother’ of my twin girls

2013-2014: Wrote my PhD Thesis and passed my Viva with Professor Lani Florian and Professor Kevin Woods

2014-2015: Moved to Canada for a 9 months adventure in Montreal as a stay-at-home-mother, making minor corrections to my thesis and applying for jobs.

2015-2017: Moved back to Portugal and started working at the Instituto de Educação as a Project Manager for EDiTE (European Doctorate in Teacher Education – H2020, MSCA European Joint Doctorate)



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