Baby names

The difficult task of choosing baby names is upon us… does it sound well with our surnames? does it sound well in English, Portuguese, French…?

And… will it really be 2 girls? Should their names start with the same letter? Be similar in some way? Or just two girls’ names that we both like?

As usual, questions, questions, questions… hopefully with answers in the near future as I am due in about 2 months!

Here are some websites that could help with ideas:


Sickness gone, welcome back brain!

End of April

After weeks of feeling miserable and not really capable of doing anything I was really happy when finally I felt I could get some work done, I was feeling a lot better and magically I could cope with the idea of having to write and finish chapters of my PhD thesis.

Unfortunately the sickness was substituted by migraines and all different sorts of pain in my head – medication? Well… not really. I was still happy because it was better than the previous weeks of “morning” sickness (still feels wrong to call it morning!)


Ok, I’m in my 3rd year of a PhD in education, expected to finish in or around September 2012. I’ve collected data, transcribed interviews, started writing a findings draft chapter….

End of February 2012 I found out I am pregnant, the tests were “extremely” positive, the three tests to be more precise!

Beginning of March we went in for my first scan and… ta dahhh! Not only I am pregnant but I am expecting twins, fraternal twins (the “good kind of twins”, or so I’ve been told).

The following weeks were overwhelming, sickness, calling it morning sickness is a joke: whole day sickness would definitely be more accurate! Lying down for most of the day and still feeling like I’m crossing from the UK to Spain on a ferry

PhD vs. sickness = sicknessĀ  won, every single time!!!

One piece of advice (or maybe Note to self): When it all seems too much, when you feel overwhelmed and even just looking at a “What skills do PhD/ researchers need to develop” makes you feel you don’t have any strengths and only weaknesses – give it a rest. Stop, don’t force yourself to sit in front of the computer or think about the PhD!